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Anyways let’s get back to the topic, shall we?

How a Computer Works?

Imagine having a magical toy that has endless abilities, such as the ability to sketch, play music, and display photographs. A computer is this toy’s name.

A computer has a large number of tiny components called chips. These chips do all the laborious tasks and are comparable to the computer’s brain. You communicate with a computer by typing on a keyboard or clicking and dragging a mouse. Since it communicates with you in a particular language called code, the computer can comprehend what you want it to accomplish.

The computer can read and comprehend this code, which is similar to a collection of instructions. After the computer understands what you want it to do, it employs the chips to carry out the code’s instructions and bring about the desired results. For instance, the computer will utilize the chips to draw images on the screen and create sounds when you wish to play a game,

the computer will use the chips to draw pictures on the screen and make sounds through the speakers.

So, how does the computer know what to do with all those commands?

The operating system (A.K.A OS) enters the picture here. The operating system directs all the chips as if it were the computer’s employer. It’s comparable to an orchestra director making sure that every instrument plays in unison to produce beautiful music.

Hence, the next time you use a computer, keep in mind that it is more than just a magical toy; it is a highly intelligent device that is driven by a large number of small little assistants who are all working together to make your life simpler.

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