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Corporate FAQ2022-04-28T13:04:32+03:00
Can I access TIU Blogs even if I am not a member?2022-04-28T12:44:37+03:00

Yes, you may access TIU Blogs notwithstanding membership. However, only members have the privilege to publish articles and reviews according to editorial standards and guidelines. Members have access to private accounts and a professional profile is established upon membership. Non-members (all other individuals who have no subscriptions or accounts) have the right to free access to all reviews, articles, papers, and general content on the webpage. For more information about requesting permission to reproduce or distribute materials from TIUD, please visit TIU Main Campus, Office ()

All papers on TIU Blogs are free to view and read. This regulation is subject to change should the Editorial Board judge otherwise.

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Is it possible that I may be charged? – Indemnification2022-04-28T12:45:48+03:00

No, it is not possible to be charged or punished for unintentional or misinterpreted errors. Authors must respect the regulations stated in the Editorial Guidelines, and prior to the publishing of any content, the Editorial Board performs a thorough check to ensure that the submitted content respect the guidelines. Should ay faults be detected, the writers are informed and requested to modify or remove any content that does not adhere to the stated guidelines. However, as a member of TIUD, you must agree not to engage in unacceptable use of the site, which includes, without limitation, use of the site to:

Harm or threaten to harm users or members of TIUD in any way, or otherwise harass any other person or entity.

Submit content that is clearly unlawful, false, misleading, offensive, abusive, hateful, threatening, invasive of another’s privacy, whether racially, ethnically, or otherwise objectionable.

Disseminate unsolicited messages, advertisements, commercial communication and investment opportunities, and other form of ‘spam’.

Collect, store, or use any personal identifiable information about other users and members, to otherwise violate the personal privacy rights of others.

Impersonate or misrepresent any person or entity, and express or imply that any personal statements are made or stated by TIUD.

Enter the site without authorized access, or break into the site system for any purpose, including to gain access to personal or system data.

Should these laws be abused, and/or should the terms and conditions of TUID be violated, and/or should users disregard the Privacy Policy of TIU, measures conducted against the defiance will be legitimate.

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What is TIU Blogs?2022-04-28T12:44:18+03:00

TIU Blogs exists to inform the University and the community about events and issues of consequence to the University and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The site will contain important announcements and news related to Tishk International University and Kurdistan, and will publish articles, blogs and any form of writing deemed appropriate and relevant to the purpose of this forum. TIU Blogs will maintain several types of news and publications, aiming to present the latest academic information and University news reports, as well as provide a medium for students and staff to express their opinions and judgements to all followers. All of Blogs’s coverage can be found on its consistently updated webpage devoted to upholding its purpose: – sharing our Blogs news in professional style

In all cases, TIU Blogs is a media establishment that strives to uphold justice, integrity, legality, and confidentiality and for fair reportage in the representation of all communities, societies, and identities.

TIU Blogs has an independent Executive Board which is responsible for the content of this establishment and its publications. TIUD is a source of campus and city news coverage, while supporting the participation of both staff and students through opinion sharing and allowing everyone’s voice to be heard.

TIUD consists of two principal divisions – news coverage and members’ publications. This establishment is dedicated to serving TIU students, staff, and supporters through empathetic, clear, and precise reporting. In the pursuit of this aim, TIUD intends to forge connections amongst the TIU community and its supporters. Through this c how we narrate events and tell stories; will motivate students to engage in this community and drive campus conversation.

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Will I be paid for my contributions?2022-04-28T12:45:30+03:00

No, unless the Editorial Board decides otherwise. TIU Blogs encourages the participation of both staff and competent students. TIU Blogs is a great opportunity for those who wish to pursue a career in writing, journalism, and related fields; it provides a platform for individuals to explore the art of reporting and writing for purpose. Member contributions are voluntary; thus, no predetermined remuneration is formally stated. However, this regulation is subject to change; should the Editorial Board deem this, or regulations of this kind unfit or redundant, the power lies within their position to modify and adjust accordingly

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Do I own my work or article? Do I have the right to post my work or article on TIU Blogs?2022-04-28T12:44:55+03:00

Yes, any work conducted solely is attributed to the author of the work. However, the author cannot exploit the work under the name of TIUD unless approved otherwise. That is, one can, without reference to TIUD, make use of the work conducted for individual purposes. Authors are allowed to upload, submit, and/or post images, text, video, and other forms of data and information, though no work is published prior to the approval of the Editorial Board. By submitting your work:

You affirm, represent, and warrant that you own the work conducted, and grant to TIUD, and anyone authorized by TIUD, to use, display, reference, distribute, reproduce in whole or in part, and modify in any medium and manner, without any restrictions to you, for the sole intended purpose of TIUD and/or services provided.

You acknowledge and consent that the work may be permanently maintained by TIUD, and agree that TIUD is not responsible for, and cannot prevent, the publication or misuse of your work by any third parties who copied your work during the time in which it was published and displayed on the main site.

For submissions that you do not entirely own, you guarantee to TIUD, with reliable evidence that you have the legal right to share the work and that it will not violate any law or the rights of any other individual or entity.

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How do I access my TIU Blogs Account?2022-04-28T12:45:15+03:00

Through the webpage (, you must click on the section of the navigation bar named ‘Account’ or ‘Login’. If you intend to register as a member and do not hold any previous accounts, you may also register through the sections mentioned above, however, the process will vary. In order to register as a new member, you must enter your account details as requested by the page and click on ‘Register’. You will then be considered as a potential member entitled to be, but not yet been (the registration request will be held pending until approved by the Editorial Board), admitted as a Member of TIUD Authors.

Author Selection

The person who creates the original formulation in a work is the author of that production. The author is also the owner of the copyright in a creation unless the author assigned or shifted the copyright to another member or entity through a scripted agreement. Join authorship is also within the range of selection, and represents the work prepared by two or more authors with the intention that their efforts be combined and revealed as a single work. Unless agreed otherwise, such partnership grants each author equal and undivided ownership in the work as a whole and may take full advantage.

Certain prerequisites must be met in order for an individual to be selected and approved as an official author. Such terms include proficiency in the English Language (or in the language requested, such as Arabic, Turkish, and Kurdish), persuasive writing ability, source referencing expertise and such. Authors must conduct research or have expertise on the topic they wish to write about in order to be considered for publication.

Writing Process

Authors must comply to the regulation and guidelines addressed in the Editorial Handbook (available PDF). In order for reviews to be considered for publication, writers must conduct thorough research and have sufficient expertise in the topic covered.

Editor Review

Our editorial board evaluates each review in detail before publishing. This process includes checking for editorial fit and ensuring that the article complies with editorial standards and guidelines set by the editorial board. The papers are also fact checked to ensure the accuracy of the review and verify that reputable sources have been employed.


TIU Blogs published Sunday through Thursday during the academic year. Written papers are edited, fact checked (if required) and approved by the TIU Blogs committee prior to publishing. The duration of this pre-publishing period usually varies depending on the length and complexity of the article or blog drafted.

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