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Student Life

Self-Awareness: Optimism

Self-Awareness: Optimism "I can't take this pressure anymore." Have you said this recently? Have you counted how many times you thought that last month? This block statement didn't come to your mind suddenly; it was "built" by a set of negative stones one over one. So, the idea is to be aware of your

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How Actually you should buy a Computer ?

You have been there, we all have been there, you walk around between computer stores, all these types of laptops/Computers have been listed for selling, you are drowning into these different specifications and features, some of them are same to you but they have different prices and you have no idea why ? -so let

Cognitive Distortion

Cognitive Distortion: Cognitive Distortion: Cognitive Distortion: In academic study, we used to notice a successful student achieve excellent marks in mostly all courses. On the other hand, others are used to failing in mostly all courses; generally speaking, many people occasionally “think” that they fail in all life courses!! In academic study, we used to notice a

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