When people talk about university, often hard work, enormous problems, and tough decisions come to mind. But that could be covered and simplified in some techniques. Hi, my name is Sham Lezan. I’m a student at Tishik International University. And, today I’m honored to tell you some strategies to have a successful university life.

Being a student is hard but being a college student is way harder. The only way to handle all of that is through consonant motivation, organization, set your work as a priority over external factors, joining school Clubs, and time management. So, today we will be covering only some of the aspects to make our duties easier.


The first thing a student should take into consideration is motivation. Without inspiration, you can’t get your work done. The most important thing you should avoid is procrastination! It just takes your time and motivation away. Don’t leave everything for the night before the exam. Start the lecture with a positive mindset and full of interest, and motivation will come with the flow.


Another and the most essential strategy a student should use is organization. Start setting yourself a schedule on what you should do for the month, and check back on it every day. That way, your work won’t be a mess and you’ll get your things done in time. Being on track is crucial when it comes to school. Just like the famous quote. “Time is like a Sword, if you cut it; it will cut you”.

Priorate your work over external factors

With no absolute hesitation, we can’t deny the fact that spending time with your friends is beyond amazing. However, you must carefully select your friends. Because friends have an influence on you no matter what it is. Good friends push you to do well in school, other friends take you out to the party. Accordingly, always set the priorities first. Which are your grades, your future, and your health.

Joining school clubs

The more you interact with people, the more you learn. Joining school clubs is very beneficial not just to gain more knowledge. But it also helps your self-confidence. In addition, when you are confident in yourself and your abilities; your academic performance will increase.

Time management

When you follow the previous strategies I mentioned, you can easily get your work done sprightly. Because, when you had the motivation; you set the schedule for yourself. And when you followed your work schedule instead of going out, you had the time to finish your assignment. The most important skill to have as a student is time management. set time for friends, yourself, and your hobbies, but don’t procrastinate your work and your duties. Always keep them in mind.


Overall, in conclusion, each individual is different than the other. The path that YOU decide to walk in, is based on the decisions YOU chose to make. In university, there will be good days where you feel on top of the world and bad days when you’re struggling and you have too many constraints on you. But always remember. If we want the rainbow, we got to handle the rain.


Best regards,

Sham Lezan Ibrahim

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