You might be wondering why I’m talking about this, or even trying to give you any sort of ‘advise’ though I’m pretty sure not every student likes to be the most successful and they might just want to pass. But, I might have a not so magical solution for that and I might call this: how to be motivated and/or successful in university.

First is very simple, trying!

Yeah, yeah, I know it is very obvious to try things. But the problem starts with what you should try. What will be helpful for my success? I will say it is trying to learn as much of the important information from the topic as I can. Or, I dare say, to listen to the teacher, take notes, or even ask as many questions as I can. Teachers are here to help you no matter what. So, don’t feel like you are being too much of a burden and ask them questions.

Maybe, even changing your studying strategies might do wonders! You can’t do the same thing over and over again, you will get tired for sure and maybe worse, bored, unmotivated, or you will get that unwanted feeling of dropping out. Yes, many students feel that, because they are human beings like you are and they get tired just like you. There are hundreds of ways of studying on the internet. I will give you my favorite one; it’s called the pomodoro technique (there are many apps dedicated for it), and it is 25 minutes of studying and 5 minutes of break. You can do this for up to 4 times, and then take a longer break for 15 minutes. And yes, you can change the time however you like, it’s you who is studying and is being successful, you are doing this for your own growth. Don’t hesitate.

Second is my favorite, because I always do and that’s failing.

While trying to learn something also known as studying, there is a chance of you not understating the subject enough to answer a question from an exam. And hear me out, I know it’s crazy, but DO NOT BE SCARED OF FAILURE! Yes you heard me right, don’t be scared. Never! The more you do the mistakes the more you learn, remember? Practice makes perfect. There was a question about a topic that you are still struggling to understand? Fail, then get up and ask the teacher about what part of it you didn’t understand and why you were struggling. The teacher, if you don’t know yet, is there to help you learn. That’s why they are a teachers, you know, they teach! (Surprising I know, not many students know that *wink wink*). One last thing, if you don’t want to ask the teacher or the teacher is busy, ask your friends, or even Google it. Trust me Google might become one of your most important and helpful sources, especially in writing an essay or and assignment.

Here is the third one, mental health, yeah that thing that you are ignoring the most. Take it seriously…

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we still fail. Then, feel like a failure. After that, feel like the whole world is falling apart, more like only our world. It is a beautiful feeling to be a successful student, but that still won’t change the fact that we are still humans. Our bodies and mind get exhausted throughout the day, no matter what we are doing. Even if it’s just staying on our phones all day, we still need to lock our phones, put them on the table (or bed, I’m not judging), and just close our eyes and relax! Life is hard already, I’m pretty sure you might be dealing with other things in your personal life too. So, here is a small advice that you and I both should take it seriously: do not be harsh on yourself, if you don’t success in the first quiz. There is most likely a chance for a second one, or maybe you will be more than ready for the midterm, and there are going to be many assignments, projects, homework and the finals. Keep a track of what you know and don’t know about the topics, yes, each one of them. I will give you what I do when studying, I keep a paper for each subject to make sure of what I know and don’t know. You can even have small pieces of sticky paper on your books or you study papers for writing some questions, so that you will ask the teacher later. There are so many ways to make sure that you are learning enough and efficiently, but no matter what, take breaks time to time. Life is hard, but you still deserve to have some time for your own, you deserve a break. You deserve some time to finish your favorite book, to listen to music, or even to go out for walk, or a picnic with your loved ones. Life is short take risks time to time. Be proud of who you are, be respectful towards yourself, treat yourself how you treat your loved ones… you need some love and appreciation time to time too, I mean come on, have you forgotten that you are a human being also? We are designed to grow and learn not to be perfect. Don’t be perfect, be successful.

Good luck. You need that.

Thank you,

Sultana Mustafa

From: Education Faculty, ELT 3 -A-




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