Rezhna Yahya Omer

We have all been affected by the coronavirus situation in different ways, we have been feeling confused, stressed and stuck at home for the past several months.

We hear news of people close to us dying here and there, and social media sites are full of death notices and have lost the positive vibe to them.

We fear for our parents and elders who are most vulnerable to the virus, and all this affects our mental state. Since we have very few options of recharging our souls by going on trips, travelling or going out with friends the way we used to, it all gets built up inside us and worsens over time.

So, in order to stay sane and emotionally stable through everything that’s happening, I personally have found a few ways that help me cope with the situation. I know that most of us feel as though we’re in survival mode, but trust me there is just so much you can do at home.

Physical Health

First let’s talk about physical health, since gyms aren’t safe, I decided to start working out at home and have been doing so for the past 3 months. There are so many different apps on the internet that help you work out from home. And if you don’t want to invest in it, there are many workout videos on YouTube.

Hidden Talents

Sparing a lot of time to ourselves has made this year the perfect opportunity to practice our hidden talents. I have always loved drawing and painting but never practiced enough because of the busy life every day, but during these past couple of months, I have been practicing like no other time. I drew and painted some pieces that I’m really proud of.

Mental Health

Keeping yourself busy is the number one key to keep a healthy mental state during this pandemic, because staying at home can make you depressed and develop anxiety. Keeping virtual connections with loved ones can also boost your mental state.

Read, Read and Read More

This situation is the best chance we all have to read books, there are thousands of super interesting, informative and exciting books you can get and they will change your perceptions of the world and help you see the world through new lenses. Don’t miss out on all of that by wasting your time going through social media sites; invest your time in something that will make up your personality and build your future. It is your future and no one else’s.

Board Games for the Bored 

Since we can’t do outdoor activities as much as we used to, board games can create a fun and interactive atmosphere with families or friends. Games are a great way to release stress and reconnect with your loved ones.

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