Rezhna Yahya Omer

I believe the increasing trend of cosmetic surgeries needs to be talked about and addressed, I do understand the necessity of some types of surgeries that are medically required but what worries me is other unnecessary surgeries that people (especially females) are starting to be obsessed with.

Effect of the media

The media has a large role in glorifying such surgeries and are making women and girls feel as though something is wrong with their natural beauty and they must “change” how they look in order to be accepted by society. If we don’t start addressing this issue and working towards fixing it, slowly cosmetic surgeries are going to become the new normal.

Real progress is made from within

You can only feel confident and good in your own skin if you work on yourself and learn to love your physical features with all their flaws and imperfections, changing how you look is taking the easy way out.

You matter!

What matters most is how you see yourself and not what society considers as acceptable or beautiful. Before the invention of lip fillers, most women had thin lips and were extremely beautiful, but now they’re seen as a faulty feature that needs to be fixed, this is how powerful advertisements and the media can be if we allow it.

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