Mina Arjuman Hashim

Going from school to university is a drastic change that one cannot help but be stressed about. It’s a whole new environment with different types and ethnicities of people who are strangers at first glances.

Organize yourself

High school differs from a university in many aspects which includes its fast pace. Miss one lecture and next thing you know, you’re weeks behind. A lot would be studied throughout two hours of each lecture. One crucial method to keep in mind is to review each subject during the weekends.


Is it more important to go out with friends this weekend or to sit and review the weeks’ lectures that are worth it? A question worth asking yourself when you’ve got exams coming up. After all, it’s your and your own GPA in the end. A useful tip of prioritizing several topics would be organizing them from their due dates and importance.

Take Notes

You’re bound to come across different types of lecturers and professors whose teaching method differ. One could bring questions during examinations solely on what they say during class whereas others bring from lecture notes. However, it’s always better to be on the safe side. These notes could also help majorly when you’re reviewing.

Don’t get stressed

One thing I always like to keep in mind is that there is still a lot of time left to improve myself. One bad mark does not determine a whole semester’s outcome. You have more opportunities and years ahead. Plus, in the long run, grades don’t matter greatly.

Make friends

University is a great place to find friends with common interests— especially if you’re in the same department. The friends you choose will determine your outcome and experiences. One thing to always remember though: Not everyone is your friend, so choose wisely.

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